Civil & Commercial Litigation

Civil litigation is a process designed to settle disputes between individuals, corporations, associations, and various other types of legal entities. A dispute or complaint is normally settled by a lawsuit in which one party seeks reimbursement for damages, compensation for injuries, injunction or punitive damages in civil court proceedings. In many cases, a resolution can be reached without a full jury trial through mediation or alternative dispute resolution processes.

Established in 2003, Matías J. Adrogué PLLC has earned an outstanding reputation as a firm that can handle a variety of matters in both state and federal courts. If you need assistance with a civil litigation matter, contact a civil litigation attorney today and get started on the path to resolution.  Our experienced trial lawyers are able to assist clients with diverse matters, including:

Business Torts

Business torts involve claims of wrongdoing in a business setting, usually when there is no contract between the parties. These ...

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Shareholder Oppression

When there is a disagreement between business partners, sometimes the majority shareholder will take actions designed to freeze out minority ...

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Contract Disputes

If you have entered into a binding contract and the other party has failed to keep their end of the ...

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Defamation, Libel, & Slander

With the internet and social media platforms becoming so prevalent in our society, individuals and businesses are at a greater ...

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Bad-Faith Insurance Claims

People purchase insurance policies so that when disaster strikes or a loss occurs, they can rely on the insurance company ...

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