Fair And Experienced Mediator Matías J. Adrogué

Matías J. Adrogué, is an experienced mediator who provides professional and effective dispute resolution services to individuals, businesses and organizations seeking to resolve legal disputes outside of the courtroom. Whether it involves a business dispute, a personal injury case, or another legal issue, attorney Adrogué has the skills and experience to help parties reach a mutually beneficial resolution. He is dedicated to helping them find common ground and reach a fair and equitable resolution that addresses their individual needs and concerns.

Spanish-Speaking Mediator

As a Spanish-speaking mediator, attorney Adrogué is skilled in facilitating productive communication between parties and guiding them through the negotiation process in Spanish as well if one or both of the parties prefer conducting the mediation in Spanish. With his extensive legal knowledge and experience, Mr. Adrogué provides a unique perspective and can help parties understand their legal rights and obligations.

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